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Help for the image portal of the Kardinal Schwarzenberg Klinikum



The images must be downloaded for best image quality.
Protect your access data from unauthorized access. If lost, your access data can be deleted by calling +43 6415 7101 - 2043.


With the image portal of the Kardinal Schwarzenberg Klinikum you have access to your images from the imaging examinations (X-ray, CT, MRI) carried out by us.
The protection of patient data is important to us. For this reason, the server of this website is located in Austria and meets the highest security standards.
Here is a brief guide on how to view and, if necessary, download your images.

The image portal can be opened in a browser with the URL https://bildportal.ks-klinikum.at.

Username and password

The username and password can be found on the card that you received from us.
patientcard witch account information
Alternatively, the QR code can be scanned and this URL opened.


Now the verification has to be done with yours date of birth.
The input format must be DD.MM.YYYY (example 16.02.1980 german syntax of 16th of February 1980).

Study list

After logging in, the yours available studies are displayed

Inage view

If you click on a study, the web viewer is loaded and you can view the images.

Downloading files

The buttons can be used to carry out simple actions in the viewing program
Show/hide labels
Download the study which is highlighted in the list of studies
Define the partitioning of the workspace
Remove all images from the workspace
On download, a ZIP file is created and offered for download, in which the images are available in Dicom format.
These images can be viewed with the supplied viewer (Windows program) or transferred directly to other PACS or reporting systems.

The Merlin HTML viewer manual describes all functionalities and is available here: DE EN FR


Please direct your inquiries (lost access data, blocking of access data, missing studies) to
radiologie @ ks-klinikum.at
or by phone
+43 6415 7101 2043

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